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This unique property high in the Colorado Rockies at 9,500' has unlimited possibilities. As the above photos show, the property was owned and lovingly maintained by my parents for many years.

A photo of the property is on the cover of the May 19, 1974, Mountain Living, Supplement to Empire, Magazine of the Denver Post. There is a 4-page story titled "Taking Time For Beauty" by Havis Motisher inside.

The property has been used for commercial fishing, home for various animals, including cattle, horses, chickens, goats, cats, dogs, and many varieties of wildlife, including bears.

Various crops have been grown on the property including rhubarb that my Mother turned into delicious sauce and pies. Strawberries are wonderful if you can steal them from the deer and robins!!

The vistas of Aspen in the fall are unbeatable and many people stop to take photos of the breathtaking sights.

There is year-round access from the I-70 service road. The short gravel road from the service road to the ranch can be maintained by a riding snow blower or pick-up with a plow.

I have hiked and ridden horses all over the mountain trails.

Only your imagination and the sky are the limit as to what could be done with this property. Approximately half the acreage is in patented mining claims.

This property is approximately one mile east of the famed Gold Belt Tunnel and even closer to the Hamill Tunnel in Clear Creek County, Colorado.

Pasture, mining interests, water, and so much more for sale in a beautiful Colorado valley.

There is a section on the specifics of the property and then pages of photos.


Sharon Rosema - Owner



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Additional information and photos can also be seen at the Rocky Mountain Angling Club site. Click on "A - Central CO" under "Property Descriptions", then on "A-15 Silver Valley Lake" for the Silver Valley Ranch entry.

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